The gas piping in your home should be one of the most looked after systems installed. The nature of gas is very risky, you don’t want there to be a leak or to have faulty pipes because the end result could be disastrous or even fatal. Taking proactive and taking the extra precaution is a necessary step you need to take. 

Here, at Ace Kolles, we offer gas services for anyone living in or around Saint Michael, Minnesota. We want to ensure that you have access to the vital energy source –natural gas or propane- all the while taking the necessary steps for your safety. 

Our Services

Ace, the trained expert, and owner of the company is just a phone call away. We’re happy to help you with:

  • Inspection 

If you notice that your pipelines are looking worn out over the course of time or if they seem to be damaged, I can carry out a thorough inspection for you to determine the problem. 


  • Maintenance 

Maintenance is one of the vital elements of ensuring that your pipeline is secure and impeccable. Annual checkups, cleaning and fixing minor faults are steps you need to take every time the need arises. 


  • Installation 

If you plan on moving into a new space and are looking for someone to install a gas pipeline setup, look no further than Ace Kolles. Ace can successfully connect your pipes to the main output and connect them to every part of the house where they are needed. 


  • Repairs 

If you smell the gas in the air, notice that the gas pressure has been significantly reduced, observe corrosion on pipes, you should consider the chances that your pipes may need some repair. Call us and we will handle it all for you. 


  • Hooking up other appliances 

If you are looking at attach a tank-less gas water heater, stove or a fireplace to your gas outlets, let us install it for you. We have the necessary skills and qualification to take on such a task and fulfill it completely. 


  • Outdoor supply 

You may want to hook up your grill, fire pit or lanterns to a source of energy. Let us aid the establishment of the connection between the two. Depending on the type of appliance that needs to be connected to the source, we will adjust accordingly. We will ensure that you have access to the right amount of gas to cook, heat or light up your food and surroundings. 

If you find yourself in need of any gas services, call us at 763-670-4405. Our number is accessible for 24 hours a day so even in cases of emergency, we can reach you in a matter of minutes. We understand the risk that is associated with gas and want to ensure that any work that we do on your property is done to perfection –it should be secure, reliable, durable and cost-efficient. 


Talk to us when you need a new gas line installed, inside or outside your home. We’ll ensure the proper installation of gas lines for:


  • Outdoor fire pits

  • Indoor appliances

  • Outdoor kitchen appliances 


Call 763-670-4405 today to schedule gas piping installation in Saint Michael, MN, and the surrounding area.


From new pipes and fixtures to reliable repairs, an experienced plumber is ready to take care of all your home’s plumbing needs.


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